Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Good Week

This past week was a good one for me. Many friends came to Giuseppe's to dine and hear me play. What a great feeling! Last night Nick Clooney came to Caproni's for dinner. During each of his visits, he comes up to my bandstand and has kind words for me regarding my playing. He always mentions the name of a song or two that he particularily enjoys during each visit. Last night he thanked me for playing "Frim Fram Sauce" on my alto sax and explained that he and his wife are also fond of Diana Krall's version of that tune from her "All For You" recording. It's been a while since his son George has stopped in, but it's nice when he does.

I received a call from my agent earlier this week with news that he plans to book me to play with The Temptations later this year when they come to Kentucky. I've played that show several times before, and it is always a blast.

He also booked me to play solo dinner music for a February corporate function to be held at The Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Florida. My wife and I are looking forward to enjoying a long weekend in the Sunshine State.

Marty's sermon this morning at Madison Hills Christian Church was inspiring. As always, Kevin played well.


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