Wednesday, January 10, 2007

EKU Basketball Fun

Last night I took Matthew, Michelle and friend Barry to the Eastern Kentucky University basketball game. The game was televised by ESPNU, so my kids wanted to sit on the front row so they would be caught on camera. I wanted to sit on the front row so I could get an up close view of the game action. Barry wanted to sit on the front row so he could check out the cheerleaders.

Barry used his new cell phone camera to take a number of photos. I couldn't help but notice that he kept aiming the phone toward the cheerleaders. The above photo, taken by Barry, shows the aforementioned cheerleaders and one of the ESPNU cameramen.

Going to EKU games is fun. We caught 7 souvenir mini basketballs, a pom pom, and a team t-shirt thrown up in the stands by the cheerleaders. We gave away some of the mini basketballs to kids that were attending the game. I noticed that Barry gave the balls to kids that were accompanied by single mothers. I am certain that Barry's sole intent was to make the youngsters happy. Yeah, right! As we left the arena I informed Barry that EKU had won the game. I figured that sooner or later he might like to know. There's nothing like action at the old ball game.


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