Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Views From The Bandstand

One of the neat things about playing music gigs is the "view from the bandstand". Over the years I have seen a United States President working the crowd, a governor's wife doing the gator on her back in the middle of the dance floor, the argument and preliminary buildup to a fist fight, a young man asking his girl for her hand in marriage, a man falling to the dance floor from a heart attack (he is now fine), cool movie stars, jerk movie stars, good and bad dancers, a lady pouring her drink in a man's lap, and many other interesting sights.

I played a couple of nice gigs this past weekend where I enjoyed the views from the bandstand. At Berry Hill Mansion in Frankfort, I played from the balcony during a wedding reception. I had a bird's-eye view of everything and enjoyed watching all the happy people having fun.

Berry Hill Mansion Balcony View

On Sunday evening I played on the patio at Idle Hour Country Club. The facility and grounds were absolutely gorgeous.

Idle Hour Country Club Patio View

I may start taking a photo from each bandstand that I play and post the most interesting photos to this blog. I'll probably enjoy looking back at them when I'm retired from playing and beginning to reminisce about the good old days.


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