Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Through Old Home Music Videos

I've been having a ball going through a box full of old home videos. Last night I ran across a video of "The Sensations" playing a gig at Masterson Station Park in 1989. My friend Jill Coffman was sounding great on vocals. The keyboard player in the band is Jeff Kazee, who went on to fame playing on the David Letterman Show as a sub for Paul Shaffer, and touring with Jeff Golub, Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny and many others. It was a good band that also included J.R. Hardin, Robert Moser, David Devore, George "Boogie Man" Burdette, Tim Tyler, and Anthony Key.

I also found a video that my daughter Melody recorded when I was playing a gig for President Bill Clinton. Melody met President Clinton, Governor John Y. Brown, Governor Martha Layne Collins, and many other political figures at the event.


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