Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Colonel's Choice Concert In The Park

Michelle was playing softball tonight at Irvine McDowell Park. From my seat at the ball field, I heard the sweet sound of Dad's trombone. Though I couldn't see the band and didn't know he was gigging tonight, I knew immediately that it was Dad playing. I walked up the hill to check out the band and saw that it was Colonel's Choice. Dad blew trombone, David "Hot Lips" Hummel was on trumpet, Big Bill McGinnis played clarinet and sax, Mean Gene Witt handled keys, Bob Hackett was on bass, and Rockin' Ron Salmon laid down the beat on drums.

I had my new iPhone with me and decided to try out the video recorder that is included on the phone. I uploaded the two videos from the park and they were on You Tube by the time I arrived home. How neat is that?

Here are the links to view:

Video #1 - Dixieland

Video #2 - Tuxedo Junction

I made it back to the game in the second inning and enjoyed watching Michelle play. Her team faced one of the best pitchers in the league tonight. Michelle did a great job hitting each time she came to the plate.


At July 12, 2009 10:28 AM, Anonymous betarider@insightbb.com said...

! you did these videos on your phone! yes, amazing. The boys did a fine job on T Junction. Big Bill's horn seemed a bit flat but he has it going on. Dad wails, eh? How does he keep his chops all this time? I thought hot lips had the feelin' real good. He has some really good licks. I'm not the only one who enjoyed it. That chick in the background was tappin the toes and swaying all the way through. Was she a vocalist in waiting?


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