Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Sons of Champlin CD

"Hip Li'l Dreams" is the Sons of Champlin's first studio album in 28 years. It features original Bay Area Son members Bill Champlin (also a 25 year veteran of supergroup Chicago), Dave Schallock, Geoff Palmer and James Preston. Also appearing are Mic Gillette (former Tower of Power icon hornman), Tal Morris, Tom Saviano (a burning sax player), Carmen Grillo (Tower of Power alum), Toto's Bobby Kimball, and Doobie Brother's Tom Johnston.

As always, Bill Champlin's soulful vocals are incredible. The band is tighter than ever, and thanks to recording industry advancements, this cd is the best sounding one The Sons have ever released.

I am a fan of the Hammond B-3 organ sound and of a powerful horn section. This one has both, topped off by the amazing vocal gymnastics of Bill Champlin.


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