Monday, February 13, 2006

Peabody Hotel Orlando Gig

There are good gigs, and there are GREAT gigs. I worked a great one this past weekend at The Peabody in Orlando for the National Automobile Dealers Association's convention. Sharon and I enjoyed the trip very much.

The Peabody is a gorgeous 4 star hotel equipped with heated pools, jacuzzi, evening entertainment, tennis courts, the works. It is centrally located within minutes of Sea World, Disney World, Orlando Convention Center, the museum, and much more.

I enjoyed meeting many NADA officers and members from many regions of the United States. There were even members from Australia. Several of the dealership owners expressed interest in having me play at their hometown corporate functions. Who knows, maybe I'll have the opportunity to play in Australia!

While in Orlando, the NADA treated Sharon and me to fabulous dining at The Peabody and to a fun time at Disney World.

Sharon and I would have loved to have stayed in Orlando for a few more days, but we needed to get back so I would be ready and rested for the Tuesday Maynard Ferguson concert in Cincinnati.


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