Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Right Musician For The Gig

The best gigs to play are those where the musician has an appreciative audience. It helps when the musician is placed in a proper venue.

For example, ZZ Top would not be the right band to perform at the Idle Hour Country Club's Sunday morning brunch. Pianist George Shearing would be more appropriate. For the Saturday night barndance at Billy Bob's Country Bunker, a good entertainment choice might be Hank Williams Jr. Accomplished violinist virtuoso Itzak Perleman is truly appreciated by highbrows at the elegant opera house. Delbert McClinton is loved at the roudy roadhouse. BB King is a success at the smoky blues bar. Sonny Rollins cooks at the hip jazz club. Wayne Newton pleases the audience in the flashy Las Vegas showroom.

For many years I have tried to find the perfect place for me to perform. That is, that special place where I would be most appreciated. I think I finally have found it.


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