Monday, July 10, 2006

Professional Union Fellowship

Yesterday I attended the Lexington Musicians Association's annual fish fry held in Lexington. The organization is affiliated with the AFL-CIO's American Federation of Musicians. It is a great time to meet with other professional musicians in a relaxed non-working setting.

I have attended this event most every year over the past 32 years and always enjoy it. Many of Central Kentucky's finest musicians were there. Dave Anderson, Clyde "Godfather" Gilpin, Reed Harrod, Joel Lovan, Andrew "I'll Read Your Lips" McGrannahan, Carroll Hall, "Mean" Gene Witt, "Big" Bill McGinnis, David Elliot, Merilee Elliot, Ken Schubert, "Jumping" Joe McGrannahan, Freddy Moore, Doyle "The Lip" Rambo, Larry Sherman, and Forrest Dean were among the many musicans in attendance.

I remember the first union fish fry I attended. I was sixteen years old and had just joined the union. Lexington sax legend Duke Madison was at the meeting. I remember him coming over to me and welcoming me to the organization. Other great musicians at my first one included clarinetist Paul Thatcher and trumpeter Pete Conley. We all miss Duke, Paul and Pete, and know how much joy they brought to music fans in this area.


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