Sunday, February 11, 2007

Paul Brown Stadium Named Top NFL Stadium

We love Paul Brown Stadium, the home of the Bengals. Matthew and I have visited several other pro stadiums including the homes of the Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, and Indianapolis Colts. We have always felt that none of those come close to PBS. Our observations have been validated by a Harris Interactive Survey.

From The Wall Street Journal via the Bengals website:

Paul Brown Stadium is the only football stadium to make a list of “America’s favorite 150 buildings and structures,” according to a Harris Interactive survey.

PBS ranked 101st on the list, whose range included all manner of major structures — skyscrapers, museums, churches, hotels, bridges, national memorials and more. No other football stadium was voted among the top 150, and among all sports venues, only Wrigley Field (31) and Yankee Stadium (84) ranked higher than PBS.

The survey was commissioned by the American Institute of Architects and was published this week by the Wall Street Journal. Results came from a scientifically selected panel of 2000 Americans, who were asked to choose their favorites from photos of 247 “finalist” buildings, which had been selected by a panel of 2500 architects.

Paul Brown Stadium, which opened in 2000, features a futuristic, open design that incorporates views of the Ohio River and Suspension Bridge to the south and downtown Cincinnati to the north.

Cincinnati boasts the only two Ohio buildings on the list, and they are just two miles apart. The historic Union Terminal, striking Art Deco home of the Cincinnati Museum Center complex, is ranked 44th on the overall list.

In all, there were 10 sports facilities on the list of 150. The seven behind Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium and PBS were AT&T Park in San Francisco (104), Fenway Park in Boston (113), American Airlines Center in Dallas (118), Camden Yards in Baltimore (122), the Astrodome in Houston (134), Safeco Field in Seattle (135) and Ingalls Ice Arena at Yale University (149).

The Empire State Building was rated America’s favorite piece of architecture overall. Reflecting the diversity of candidates, other structures in the overall top 10 included The White House (2), the Golden Gate Bridge (5) and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (10).


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PBS is an awesome place to watch a game.


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