Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day Baseball

It is a drag that I am unable to be with my family this week as they vacation at Myrtle Beach. Sharon, Melody, Michelle, and Matthew met my parents Saturday in South Carolina for the annual beach vacation. I had to stay home this year for business reasons.

One of the best things about the annual beach vacation is that Dad, Matthew and I always attend a Myrtle Beach Pelicans minor league baseball game on Father's Day. True to Hall tradition, Matt and Dad went again this year and called me to let me know that they once again had great fun.

Since I knew that I would be missing out on the game this year, I called friend Barry to see if he would be interested in going with me to the Cincinnati Reds game on Father's Day. Barry's ex-wife had his two sons with her that day, so it was going to work out great. I told a couple of my friends that we were going and they both told me that we were crazy to go the game in the expected 90 degree heat. Barry and I love our Reds and figured we could find some shade somewhere at the ball park if we needed a break.

We arrived early at the game so we would be sure to get our free Father's Day Reds Radio. The radios were an awesome freebie and definitely a great collectors item for the true Reds fan. Since we had a little time to kill before the game was to start, we decided to check out the air conditioned restaurant overlooking the field down the third baseline. We lucked in to the best table in the joint. It was located next to the window where we could see the entire field from our seats. In addition, we had two televisions located directly in front of us that allowed us to see the game and all replays from our seat. It was like having a private luxury box of our own.

We decided that we would drag out our lunch as long as possible and told the good looking waitress of our loitering intention. I think she had a thing for Barry as she seemed to give him a lot of extra personal attention. And to think...he is old enough to be her dad! We enjoyed seven innings of air conditioned comfort while dining on LaRose's pizza, Skyline chili, and tea. The 92 degree heat outside didn't bother us at all! In fact, I had to ask the waitress if she could partially close the air vent above us, as it became a bit chilly in our luxury box. Barry observed the fans fanning themselves while sitting outside in the hot sun and stated that he "felt sorry for those little people".

For the last two innings we decided to join the "little people" and found us two great seats on the sixth row directly behind the Reds dugout. The Reds got whipped by the Rangers this game, but our day was great nevertheless.


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