Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun Trip To Cincinnati With The Kids

Michelle, Matthew, Melody and I had a big time in Cincinnati yesterday. A basketball game, museum exhibit, and good restaurant made up our to-do list.

First, we visited the Xavier University campus and enjoyed attending a great basketball game featuring the Xavier Musketeers and the St. Joseph's Hawks. The game was at the beautiful Cintas Center, a great 10,500 seat on-campus basketball facility. Xavier edged out St. Joseph's in a tight game that was in doubt until the final seconds of the contest. Xavier played an exciting style of basketball featuring lots of fast breaks and three point shot attempts. The style was similar to that of Pitino's Bombinos, the exciting Kentucky team from Pitino's first year.

After the game we went to the Cincinnati Museum At Union Terminal and checked out "Bodies, The Exhibition". It was an absolutely incredible display. The crowd was huge, as the exhibit is most popular ever at the Cincinnati Museum. For investment purposes, I am certainly going to take another look at Premier Exhibitions (Nasdaq PRXI).

To complete our big day, we stopped at LaRosa's, a Cincinnati favorite for pizza, and had a tasty Buddy's Toppings Pizza. The kids agreed that it was one of the best pizzas they have tried. Their favorite pizza place remains Joe Bologna's in Lexington.


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