Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Matthew Hall Plays Long Ball

It had happened previously in practice, but not in a game. Last night that changed at McDonald's field when Matthew Hall, slugger for Richmond's Home Lumber Cubs, hammered a big fly over the left center field fence that traveled an estimated 220 feet in the air. Matthew's home run trot around the bases was pretty smooth, except that he was clinching his fist, grinning ear to ear, and outwardly showing the excitement of a hitter that had hit his first dinger in game situation. He was greeted at home plate by all of his teamates as they high-fived and cheered for him. Unfortunately, I missed the game because I was gigging at The Signature Club of Lansdowne, so the description of the event comes from Matthew and his mother Sharon.

Matthew had almost hit one out earlier in the game. That hit was a double that was scorched to the base of the fence in left field. Matthew was walked on four pitches on his final trip to the plate.

The home run ball was retrieved and given to Matthew by the assistant coach after the game. Matthew has directed me to have a trophy made using the home run ball. After the game and my gig ended, I treated him to his favorite Dairy Queen treat, a Peanut Buster Parfait. His sisters also joined in the celebration, Melody having a hot fudge sundae and Michelle a strawberry milkshake. The home run was sweet, but pretty expensive for ol' Dad. Luckily I made a few dollars on my gig.


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