Thursday, August 07, 2008

My All Time Favorite UK Basketball Player

I was in the UK band and played at all of the Wildcat home games during the 1978 NCAA championship season. My favorite player was point guard Kyle Macy. I met and talked with him throughout one semester when we had the same class. We talked about sports and he even agreed to play on my weekend softball team for a tournament in Paris. Unfortunately he had to back out at the last minute when Coach Joe B. Hall asked him to show a propective recruit around campus on the weekend of the tournament. People know of Kyle's great basketball talent, but he was also a super baseball player, tennis player, and saxophonist. Despite his many talents, he seemed to be very humble and a nice guy.

Dad tells the story about the time Kyle came to Hurst Music to buy a new tenor sax. Kyle had been drafted by the Phoenix Suns and wanted to buy the best sax available. Dad recalls selling him a Selmer Mark VI tenor sax. That, of course, is the best tenor ever made.

UK Legend Kyle Macy & Me At Giuseppe's

Tonight Kyle and his wife came to Giuseppe's and enjoyed the fantastic food and my music. He enjoyed recalling the softball and sax stories. He was intrigued with my Yamaha EWI and said that the had not seen or heard one before. Later they inquired about my music service for a private party and requested one of my business cards.

It would be fun to play a private gig for the Macys. I won't even charge them money. Kyle can just give me that old Selmer Mark VI tenor and we'll call it even!


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