Monday, July 07, 2008

Sunday Afternoon At The Old Ball Orchard

For years I remember hearing Reds radio broadcaster Joe Nuxhall say "There's nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon at the old ball orchard". Since Sharon, Melody, and Michelle had plans to do other things, Matthew and I decided to go to Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati to watch the Reds battle the Washington Nationals. The Reds were on a roll and had won three games in a row. We were excited to learn that all star righty Edinson Volquez was scheduled to pitch.

We stopped at the Skyline Chili drive thru on the Kentucky side of the river and ate while sitting on a park bench facing the river and stadium. At the game we saw Adam Dunn slam a monster home run into the Nationals' bullpen and then enjoyed the home run fireworks. The Reds held their lead in the ninth inning with closer Francisco Cordero firing up 97 mph fastballs to pick up another save and the Reds fourth win in a row.

On the way out of the stadium we walked past the "street musicians" that play their instruments hoping for tips to be tossed into their open instrument cases or hats. We attend a half dozen or so games each year and it seems that the same guys are playing for tips after every game. Unfortunately I don't think that they are improving or getting any better. I heard one Reds fan coming from the game say "Take this five dollars and quit making that racket for a minute or two until I get out of hearing range". That was probably what a lot of fans were thinking but wouldn't say.

On the way home Matthew and I stopped at LaRosa's Pizzeria in Florence for a Buddy's Favorite Topping pizza. It was great, so we boxed a small slice to bring home for the rest of the family to share.

Skyline Chili, Cincinnati Reds baseball, and LaRosa's Pizza with family. That makes for a pretty outstanding day. Joe Nuxhall was right!


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