Monday, September 14, 2009

David Hall Trio Has A Fun Gig At McCready Manor

We had a fun gig this past Sunday afternoon. As he does each year, Dad wowed the crowd at McCready Manor Grandparent's Celebration Day. He always gives it "a little extra" for this gig.

We were joined onstage by saxophonist Zack Howell. Zack and I prepared some special tunes specifically for this occasion. He sounded great, was comfortable on the bandstand, and was enjoyed by an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

Check out Dad's clinched fist in the above photo. This action shot was taken during the last chorus of "New York, New York" as he prepared to really "take it home" by dropping to one knee for maximum audience response after the line leg kick.

Being the consummate entertainer, Dad likes to roam the crowd and sing songs specially chosen for members of the audience. Here (see the two photos above) he entertained lovely ladies by singing "When You're Smiling".

My wonderful wife Sharon and daughter Michelle came to the event and enjoyed seeing my father and participating in the festivities. They enjoyed the animal petting zoo and the antique car rides.

My friend Big Boy, from Frisch's, stopped by and brought plenty of pie. Son Matt, who was my official roadie for the gig, secured a Big Boy bank, and has requested that I fill it up for him. We are still in negotiations over the appropriate wage earned for his roadie efforts.

We enjoyed performing at McCready Manor and look forward to the next time we play for these fine folks. I plan to have some 8x10 glossies of Dad available for purchase by his many fans. I'm sure we could rake in the big bucks, as he is a hot ticket. I overheard several of the ladies using descriptive terms such as "dreamboat" and "doll baby" when referring to him. I am currently in serious negotiations with Dad over how the money from the sale of the photos will be distributed. He prefers a percentage of the sales, but I am urging him to accept a one time lump sum. More on this later...


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