Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hooked On Fishin' (And The Equipment)

You know you have the fishin' bug when you dvr fishing shows from the Outdoor Channel. When Sharon caught me using the slow motion playback and freeze frame features while viewing a newly recorded angling episode the other night, she could only shake her head and comment, "pitiful, just pitiful". She said it like Jed Clampett used to say it on his old tv show.

What I was doing was closely checking out the boat and fishing accessories that the host of the show was using. He is a professional crappie guide that works on Kentucky Lake. Imagine getting paid to fish! How cool is that? The dude's setup was awesome, and he was catching crappie like crazy. I want to have the most success possible for myself, so I was attentive!

On a piece of paper I listed everything he used on the show that I don't already have in my fishing weaponry. I then found those items on the internet fishing superstore website. All of that equipment is expensive...really expensive. Is all that equipment REALLY necessary? Should I make yet another fishing equipment purchase?

We have to watch our money very closely these days. Melody will be going to college in less that two years. It's easy to go overboard on buying unnecessary fishing equipment, and most of the purchases don't really need to be made. Dad caught tons of fish through the years and always used the same lures and same two poles. He rarely bought anything new...maybe an occasional rooster tail, shyster, plug, or rubber worm. Should I spend my hard earned money on new spider rigging equipment, new poles with the super sensitivity, the latest gps and fish radar, designer jig heads, the hot new colored grubs, and on and on and on?

My packages are due to arrive today via UPS Ground.


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