Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking A Saturday Off Every Now & Then

For a musician, Saturday nights are work nights. Nearly every Saturday evening over the past 30 years has been a work night for me. I can't name a television show that has aired in prime time on a Saturday night. Until this past weekend I had never attended a Saturday night UK football game. I'd love to take Sharon out to dinner on a Saturday night, but have never been able to do so (unless she comes to the gig with me). I'm sure the kids would have loved for me to have taken them to the movies, skating, bowling, or fishing on a Saturday night, but I was always working.

Melody is now a senior in high school and probably won't be around the house a whole lot longer. The twins turn 11 next month. Time is flying by, and much too fast. I've decided to take a Saturday evening off every now and then and have some fun with my family. I took off this past Saturday so that I could take Melody to watch the Kentucky Wildcats in their home opener. We had a great time and even got to see the Cats win one! She saw several of her friends at the game and had lots of fun. We stopped for a delicious steak at Columbia's on the way home. I had a gig offer for Sunday afternoon and turned it down so that Matt, Josh, and me could have a Bengals party in front of the new high definition widescreen. We grilled up brats and had popcorn, tortillas and salsa. Of course we also had an endless supply of cold Mountain Dew. Awesome!

I'm working hard again this week with a packed schedule and will be taking Saturday night off so that I can bring Michelle (depending on her soccer and girl scout schedule) to the UK-Ole Miss game at Commonwealth Stadium. If she can't make it, Melody or Matthew is going with me. And then comes Sunday. I turned down a Mardi Gras theme gig that would have been pretty good money and a lot of fun. You see, Sunday is the home opener for the Bengals! Matt and I simply don't miss opening day at Paul Brown Stadium.

Gigs are great and I love them...and the same goes for my family. I'm going to enjoy it all!


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