Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Michelle & Melody Meet Taylor Swift

Michelle Hall & Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift & Melody Hall

Fans of country music star Taylor Swift lined up the Wal-Mart in Richmond yesterday for autographs and photos. One fan after another would tell the young star "You are awesome", "Your music is great", "You are beautiful", "I love you", "You are my favorite singer", and so forth and so on. When it was Michelle's and Melody's turn to meet her, Melody was honest when saying "We came in to get some Diet Pepsi, saw you here, and thought we might as well say hey." Taylor loved it and laughed a lot, told my girls that THEY were awesome, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting them.

Michelle was particularily thrilled with getting a photo with Taylor. She has seen the photos of big sister Melody with Bill Clinton, Paul Patton, and other famous politicians that were taken recently. Michelle told me that this is the first photo she has ever had taken of her with a famous person. I told her that she was wrong, that we have many photos of the two of us together. She emphatically informed me that those don't count.


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