Monday, October 29, 2007

A Tough, But Fun Weekend

On Saturday afternoon, Matthew and I went to the Kentucky game where Mississippi State crushed them. On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Bengals game where Pittsburgh handed them yet another loss. All this was happening as the high payrolled Boston Red Sox swept the small market Colorado Rockies team. It was not a good sports weekend for our teams.

Michelle, Matthew and I decided to forget about sports for a little while and go to "Terror On Tates Creek", a haunted trail in Lexington. The kids had a blast and did a lot of screaming. At one point Matthew was so scared of the monster chasing him with a chain saw that he ran off the trail and hid behind a bush. A minute or so later the management had to coax him out of hiding and to complete the walk. He begged for them to let him stay behind the bush, but they insisted that he continue.

I think Michelle was scared as well, but her screams turned to uncontrolled laughter when she saw Matthew run behind that bush. It was a great time.


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