Monday, September 08, 2008

Swinging At McCready Manor

Carroll Hall At McCready Manor

Yesterday afternoon Dad and I played big band and swing music at Richmond's McCready Manor. Songs we played included In The Mood, Woodchopper's Ball, Tuxedo Junction, Jumpin' At The Woodside, Little Brown Jug, and I'm Beginning To See The Light. Everyone had a wonderful time.

McCready Manor is a retirement community. Dad is always very popular there and draws lots of attention from the ladies. They are particularily impressed with his rendition of "My Way". During the last chorus of the song, Dad will generally drop down to one knee and really bring the song home. The pure power, relentless energy, and stirring emotion he brings to the bandstand must be experienced in person to fully comprehend. When folks at McCready Manor think of "My Way", they don't think of Elvis or Frank. They think of Carroll.


Frisch's Big Boy was in attendance. He brought plenty of Frisch's pies for everyone. I enjoyed a slice of cherry and Dad went with pecan. What's your favorite thing?


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