Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Good Wedding Reception Gig

Dad and I worked a very nice wedding reception gig in Maysville last night. A year or so ago the couple, now Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koenig, came to Caproni's Restaurant on a date. They reminded me last night that I had played a special Kenny G style love song at their table that night and how special it was to them. Mr. Koenig picked up my business card that evening and called a couple of months ago to book me for the wedding reception.

Per the couple's request, Dad and I played lots of standards, love songs, and big band tunes. Dad played great and did an outstanding job singing songs Sinatra made famous. Everyone had a wonderful time and the reception was a great success.

So be warned...if you are a person who wants to remain single, and if you bring your date to hear me play...if I start to play a Kenny G love song, that might be a good time to excuse yourself from the room for a few moments. After I finish the song it should be safe to return.


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