Monday, December 01, 2008

A Jam Packed Weekend

This weekend was jam packed with fun. It started on Friday evening when I played jazz at Giuseppe's. Many of my friends were there, which made the gig extra fun. The UK basketball game in Las Vegas started about the time my last set ended, so I recorded it on my dvr and watched when I arrived home around midnight. Kentucky beat Kansas State and picked up a nice win.

I was up early on Saturday morning to pack the grill and get everything ready for our road trip to Knoxville to watch the UK-TN football game. Chef Steve Garth (Giuseppe's), Sharon, Melody, Michelle, Matthew and I all packed into the Windstar and headed to Rocky Top.

Steve had the grill smoking with hamburgers, hotdogs, chili, deerburgers, shrimp, peppers, mushrooms, beef, and more. The kabobs tasted fantastic.

Though the Cats were terrible, we had a blast. Melody, Steve, Sharon, Michelle and Matthew all wore layers of clothing and rain ponchos to stay warm and dry.

We arrived home around midnight and immediately cranked up the dvr to watch the Las Vegas Tournament championship basketball game between UK and West Virginia. It was nice watching Coach Gillispie beat Coach Huggins.

Matthew and I were up early on Saturday morning and headed to Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati to watch the Bengals get blown out by the Ravens. This very well may have been the poorest Bengals' performance we've yet seen...and that's saying something! It didn't help that they had twelve starters out with injury as well as several key role players.

Matthew and I stopped at a bbq joint on the way home and enjoyed ribs and chicken. It was was great, but still didn't come close to Chef Steve's grilled delights. Though our teams went 2-2, we consider the weekend a complete success.


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