Thursday, March 02, 2006

Going To SEC Basketball Tournaments

Over the years I have loved going to SEC basketball tournaments. During my college days back in the late 70's, friends Kim, Steve, Phil, Bob, Ruby, Ace, and others would go to Birmingham to pull our Wildcats through. What fun times! Over the past few years it has been held in Atlanta where I have gone with Sharon, Melody, Matthew, and David T.

Last year Matthew, friend David T. and I headed to Atlanta. It was a last minute decision, as we made plans to go only about twelve hours prior to Kentucky tipoff. David T. was concerned about us not having tickets in hand, but I assured him that I had been to many of these tournaments and that tickets are available outside from scalpers and problem. I explained that I was an old pro at this, always getting good seats at reasonable prices.

Upon arriving in Atlanta, I told David T. and Matthew to stand aside and watch the old pro take care of business in handling the ticket situation. After an hour or so of work, I came back with three excellent tickets, just off center court, about 25 rows up. They costed a little more than I had anticipated, but hey, we only do this tourney thing once a year.

Now we are ready to enter the Georgia Dome. Just outside I ran into Kentucky basketball legend Kenny Walker. He had seats on press row. I thought briefly about checking with him about the possibility of getting me on press row, but decided against it since my seats were so outstanding anyway. Kenny entered the Dome and told us to cheer loudly for the Cats.

Kenny Walker and Me

When we gave the attendent our tickets, he scanned them and said "Whoooaaa, sir, you can't go in, these tickets are fake". What a drag! The ticket dude explained that there were thousands of fake tickets out there, and that everyone should know not to buy them off the street. "Only idiots try to buy them off the street", he said. Matt and David T. were hot. I was too, but decided not to worry about it, and just go to the Dome ticket window and buy some Bob Eucker cheap seats. We went to the ticket window and were told that no tickets were available, and that the only way to get in would be to buy them off the street. Ouch!

I wasn't about to get burned again, so we went to sports bar across the street to watch the game and enjoy great food and Mt. Dew. It was a blast. We probably had more fun than we would have had from the 25th row. The joint was packed with other "idiots" that had been burned by fake tickets. 95% of the patrons were Big Blue fans. It was like Rupp Arena South. When Kentucky won on a last second shot, a blonde babe ran over to us and started kissing and hugging Matthew. At age nine, Matthew didn't appreciate it. David T. and I didn't have a problem with the celebration.

Matt not celebrating

Matt celebrating

This year we are not going to the tournament. I plan to go to the hottest local sports bar and look for some more celebrations!


At March 04, 2006 2:40 PM, Anonymous Bill said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I wish I'd been there with you.


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