Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Nice Win, But Tearing Down A Goalpost?

Matt and I really enjoy going to UK football games. Though they have not exactly been a powerhouse team in a long time, we still have a big time going to the games and are hopeful each year that Big Blue will have a good season.

This year Coach Brooks' boys actually have a good chance to make a bowl appearance. The schedule was favorable with six or seven games that we could actually win. Georgia, the team we played Saturday, was the one I considered the toughest of the games that we actually stood a chance to win.

The game wasn't pretty, but the Cats played hard and came back from a deficit to win the game. It was a nice win, but I couldn't believe the fans actually stormed the field to tear down a goalpost. Georgia is having the worst year for them that I can remember. They were unranked and had already lost this season to Vanderbilt. In our game they threw three interceptions, fumbled once, missed two field goals, missed an extra point, and we still just barely eeked out a win. I'm very happy with the win, but storming the field? We didn't just beat Ohio State, Florida, USC, or LSU!


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