Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meeting "KalimbaMan" Kevin Spears

Last night I met Kevin Spears, a master of the kalimba. His sister Joyce is a very good friend of mine and brought him to Giuseppe's so that we could talk about music.

Kevin lives in Atlanta and was visiting Kentucky this week. He has a gig this weekend in Lexington. He is a beautiful cat and I enjoyed hearing him talk about music and the kalimba. Kevin provided me one of his cds and I have been checking it out closely. He is a soulful player and produces some exceptional sounds of beauty from this unique instrument. He plays with an interesting and wonderful, almost hypnotic at times, tonal quality and style.

I was honored when he offered to let me play with his band should I visit the Atlanta area. It would certainly be a thrill to jam with him and explore the sound of a kalimba and saxophone being played together.


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