Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Watching The UK Game From The eRUPPtion Zone

Matthew and I went to Rupp Arena last night to watch the UK basketball game against Tennessee State. We figured that we could find some inexpensive tickets on the street since it was a weeknight game, the outdoor temperature was frigid, and the fact that the game was played during the students' Christmas break. What I didn't figure on was that I would be able to purchase two $5 tickets in the eRUPPtion zone on floor level.

What a view we had! We were within fifteen feet of the basket at floor level. The great athleticism these athletes exhibit is really awesome to see up close like we were. We saw numerous rim shattering dunks, extreme quickness, physical positioning, good peripheral vision and passing, and fine outside shooting.

Next to us was the UK Alumni Pep Band. I saw many old friends in the group including Joel Lovan, Brent Hobbs, Tracy Lovan, Mike Poor, Sean Owens, Terry Keith, Ray Rector, and Brian Gorrell. My son Matthew took notice of the fun they were having and suggested that I ought to be playing with them. I've never played with the Alumni Band, but intend to change that in the future.


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