Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Looking Forward To Thanksgiving & The Weekend

It's going to be fun. What a big time we should have. I am really, really thankful.

Tonight I look forward to playing at Giuseppe's. Some old friends are planning on stopping in and I am also sure I'll meet some new friends.

Tomorrow my family will go down to the farm for a Thanksgiving feast. It is a great time to be with family. Sharon's mom is a wonderful cook and does it up right. After that we will visit my side of the family in Carlisle for desert. By that time the Detroit Lions will have lost another Thanksgiving Day game. Michelle, Matthew, and Melody always enjoy seeing their cousins Rachel, Elizabeth, and Nathan. Grandma and Grandpa Hall will be there too.

Friday night I'll be back at Giuseppe's playing my sax. Fridays at G's are always busy and lots of fun. Sharon and Melody will still be doing their Christmas shop-til-you-drop annual mall excursion at the time I blow my first note. They leave out before the sun comes up and usually don't arrive home until Letterman is on my tv. The charge card is then packed in ice and placed in the freezer so it may cool back down to it's normal temperature.

On Saturday morning Matthew, Steve, Kim, and me are heading north. We are going to visit the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio. We'll stay the night in a motel and get up early to tailgate in Cleveland prior the Bengals/Browns game. Chef Steve (of Giuseppe's) will be giving the grill a workout while Kim, Matthew and me throw around the pigskin. We have tickets in the nosebleed section and should be able to see my house in Richmond from our seats. After a big win by the Bengals we will have a great drive home.

I am always thankful...and weekends like this make it really easy!


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