Monday, March 05, 2007

Tell Me It's Not So!

Michelle said it first. Matthew agreed. Melody emphatically stated it as fact. Then Sharon confirmed it. They all have explained to me that I am now a redneck! I think I have always known of that possibility, but now others are actually pointing it out to me. They tell me the reason they have labeled me a redneck is because...well...yes, it's true...I have turned into a NASCAR fan! Oh no!

The first race I ever watched in its entirety was this year's Daytona 500. It was held several weeks ago. I couldn't believe how exciting it was. Since then I haven't missed a race. I even dvr ESPN's "NASCAR Now" daily show each night so that I can watch it when I get home after my music gigs. To top it all off, I ordered tickets to see them race at Bristol later this month! I'm almost embarrassed about it.

Barry, a Winchester redneck friend who is going to the race with me, has secured a scanner radio that supports two sets of headphones, two microphones, and the frequencies to hear the race communications between the drivers and their pit teams. Both of us are ham radio operators, which makes us HIGH TECH rednecks!

In the future I don't plan to wear a Dale Earnhardt ball cap, I won't have a #3 decal on my vehicle, I won't be drinking PBRs, and I won't watch Dukes of Hazzard or Hee Haw reruns. Perhaps I'm not a redneck after all! I feel much better now.

Prior to the football season (Bengals come before NASCAR) I'll be tuning in to NASCAR every Sunday afternoon. That will be a lot of time to spend inside in front of a television set. Hey, I think satellite radio carries all the racing action, so maybe I can listen to some of the races while I'm out fishin' from my bass boat down at the creek and eatin' beef jerky and beanie weanie.


At March 06, 2007 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What bout ur pickem up truck and your old dog? There all "mighty fine." Soon you will be hanging out at Olde Burford's Bar...bor shop.

Will you be the first sax player to have a mullet?


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