Thursday, March 23, 2006

TV Viewing Priorities

My limited television viewing time is spent pretty much watching only sports or news broadcasts and maybe an occasional syndicated rerun of a selected comedy series. When I had HBO I would watch The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I no longer subscribe to that channel. I've never watched a reality show, don't watch any new series, and certainly not American Idol or talent contests.

It has become apparent to me that I should only invest my time in programming that pass the cheezit/popcorn/sandwich/pizza test. If I were to sit down in front of the tv to watch a show, it would need to be a show that is worthy of at least a Cheezit rating. I have determined that it is helpful when planning and prioritizing my viewing schedule to keep in mind the rating factors.

Here is my cpspt rating scale:

Pizza (Delivery) * * * * *
Sandwich * * * *
Popcorn * * *
Cheezit * *
Not really worth a snack *

Shows I typically watch generally receive these ratings:

Super Bowl - Pizza
NCAA Final Four - Pizza
NFL Playoffs - Pizza
World Series - Pizza
NBA Championship - Pizza
Cincinnati Bengals - Pizza
UK Basketball - Sandwich
UK Football - Sandwich
Cincinnati Reds - Popcorn
Fishing shows - Popcorn
NFL Channel programming - Cheezit
Fox News - Cheezit
Andy Griffith - Cheezit
Seinfeld - Cheezit
Batman (Adam West) - Cheezit
Get Smart - Cheezit
Green Acres - Cheezit
The Honeymooners - Cheezit
All other shows - Not really worth a snack


At March 23, 2006 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would rate the Andy Griffith Show a popcorn rather than a cheezit. Love your blog.


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